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Visitors To The Setting
Term 4

We have Little Music stars visiting the setting this term and we also welcome back Boogie tots for this term.

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Pre-School Handbook

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We understand at times, there may be complaints or things that you are not happy with at the setting, we want to ensure that any complaints are dealt with quickly and professionally. 

In order for us to deal with complaints we ask for the following to be adhered to by both parents and the Pre -School 

-Bring the complaint to the attention of the manager (Miranda Stratton) or the Deputy (Rachel Ivory) as soon as it occurs

-Do not take to social media to air your frustrations or complaints, we tend to find that this is unproductive and stalls any help that we can provide for you to sort out the problem/complaint 

- you are within your right to ask to speak to the management committee of the pre- school at any time you can either ask us or use the website contact us page which will then be forwarded to the committee who will be in touch

-Let us help you, we need to invitigate the complaint and ensure that everybody concerned is given adequate time to feedback about the complaint, we will ensure that it gets dealth with. 

You are also within your right to contact Ofsted at any point during the complaint process or go straight to Ofsted before talking to us

The below poster has all the information you will need to contact Ofsted:

Our Ofsted registration number is: 


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