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Term 1

What a great start to term we have had, we have lots of new faces joining us and our older children have settled back in perfectly showing the new

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In December 2021 we raised a huge amount towards our goal of £2,000 to purchase a 22inch interactive table top tablet. This has been a huge support in engaging children in group times, sharing videos about topics that we are learning and for PE on a Friday for children to explore cosmic yoga. Thank you to everyone that supported with this fundraising the tablet has become a valuble resource for the setting. 


Our pedal power sponsored event is loved by the children, this is normally held during term 1 the children collect sponsors then during the week they bring their bike or scooter into Pre -School to complete the course on the playground, staff join in to !!! This has been a great money maker in the past and such a fun event for the children. Each child that takes part will recieve a certificate :) Keep a look out for letters and sponsor forms in term 1. 



The Easter bonnet parade is great traditional fun for the children and parents, we hold it on the Pre -School site during a Wednesday afternoon so all the children can partisipate. Each child at home with the parents/carers make an Easter bonnet then bring it in to parade it around the garden to all their friends. Parents stay and can take part in the parade or watch with pride as their child shows off their hat. Each child then recieves an Easter egg and a certificate of partisipation in the event. We also hold a raffle so parents can win a range of tasty treats and craft materials, with the procceds of the raffle going back into improving the Pre -School for your children. The Easter Bonnet parade is held during term 4, keep a look out for dates as these vary from year to year. 



During term 5 each year on the school field we hold a sponsered assualt course, each child is given a sponser form as is asked to collect as much money as they can. Over two mornings we then have all the children out on the field taking part in an assualt course that we have set up. Each child will have a card and for every lap they do we will tick off on their record sheet. At the end we then sign their sheet to say they have taken part and they can then go and collect their sponser money. This is great fun for the children and in the past has proved to be a great money maker!! Friends and family are welcome to watch. We generally hold the assualt course on a Tuesday and Wednesday am, but if your child does not attend one of these sessions we can arrange for them to come in to take part. Keep a look out for the sponser forms during term 5 !!! 



The summer fete is held in the grounds of Teynham Primary School in June each year and is a joint fundraiser with St. Mary's church in Teynham, the school itself and also the pre-school.  It is a traditional fete with arena displays, coconut shy, tombolas and a whole host of games and stalls.  Recent events have seen the appearance of reptiles and creepy crawlies and also the GFC Gems who came to both entertain the crowds and teach the children some new moves!  Keep an eye out on our “Dates and Events” section for the date of the next event.  Here are some photos of the 2014 event.



The pre-school Christmas Bazaar is our main fundraising event of the year and is held annually at the beginning of December at Teynham Village hall in Belle Friday Close.  Being another traditional event it has tombolas, games, gifts, a great raffle as well as refreshments and culminates in the nativity performed by the children of the pre-school.  Also at the event is our wonderful grotto (see below).



Visiting the committee room of the village hall during the Christmas bazaar you will come across a most wonderful site!  Nestled between the twinkling snow covered trees sits a traditional log cabin with a roaring log fire.  A rocking chair sits by the fire awaiting its very special guest due to arrive shortly after taking time out of his very hectic schedule.  Santa awaits to give out presents to his visitors in his very cosy setting.  If you can only make it to one grotto this year, make it this one!!!