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Visitors To The Setting
Term 4

We have Little Music stars visiting the setting this term and we also welcome back Boogie tots for this term.

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Links To Learning

Links to learning.... 

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An important part of extending on learning and embedding ideas and thoughts is to carry on learning at home what we have been doing at the setting... 

This links for learning page will inform you about what we are learning at Pre -School and how you can continue this on at home. 

We hope you find the pages useful and if you need any advice or support please ask. 


Term 3 &4 

This term we will be focusing on Communication and Laguage. At home you could read stories, share picture books and talk about the pictures, sing nursery rhymes and songs. At pre-school we find the children really enjoy the stories with the repeated phrases such as Going on a bear hunt, a squash and a squeeze, the gruffalo. Julia Donaldson books tend to be good for repeated phrases. Don't be afraid to repeat and re-read stories. Children learn by repetition.

Childrens speech is also helped if you constantly talk to your children so they are hearing lots of vocabulary. Narrate what you are doing, talk about things in the environment and point things out while you are out and about. 

Term 5 & 6 

This term we will be focusing on physical development. At home you could encourage children to scoot along on bikes, scooters, ride ons. Visit the park so children have an opportuntity to move in different ways with running, climbing, balancing and jumping. You could also encourage children with mark making by providing them with paper and crayons or pencils, chalking outdoors or even paintbrushes and water to paint with in the garden. 




Links To Learning