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Parent Workshop

Hi all just a reminder that we are holding a parents workshop on Tuesday

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Family Story Times

Parent story time: 

Each week of each term we hold a parent story time. This is a chance for you to come in and enjoy a story read by one of the staff. Its lovely for children to see their family, friends etc come and join them for part of their day at Pre -School. Everyone is welcome, siblings of any age can also come along. Dont feel that we will put you on the spot parent participation is not required. 

It can also give you some ideas for how to make story times more animated at home. The children in the past really have enjoyed sitting with there parents/family while having a teacher read them a story.  We hope to see some new faces come along,here are the dates for term 1 ..... 

Term 1: - 2019/2020 

Last dates for term 1:

Friday 11th October  -2:40pm

Monday 14th October  - 2:40pm

Term 2 - 2019/2020

Monday 28th October - 2:40pm

Tuesday 5th November - 2:40pm

Wednesday 13th November - 11:40am

Thursday 21st November - 2:40pm

Friday 29th November - 2:40pm

Monday 2nd December - 2:40pm

Tuesday 10th December - 2:40pm 






Family Story Times