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Visitors To The Setting
Term 4

We have Little Music stars visiting the setting this term and we also welcome back Boogie tots for this term.

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Visitors To The Setting

Term 4 2024

This term we welcome Boogie tots back into the setting. The children really enjoy these sessions and its lovely to see thier high levels of energy during these sessions. Boogie tots is great for Physical activity as well as helping with childrens self confidence and co-ordination. 

January 2024

 We have Little Music Stars coming into the setting to do some singing and actions with the children. We are enjoying learning lots of new songs and counting as well as being able to listen and focus. This is great for the children as it builds their confidence, helps with speech, listening and attention skills. This will continue to the end of the academic year. 

September 2023 

We have had a sports coach come into the setting on a friday afternoon to do some physical activities with the children. The children have really enjoyed this and it has helped with their physical co-ordination and has also helped with their listening skills and being able to follow instructions. 

October 2023

We have boogie tots come to the setting to do some dancing and action songs with the children. These sessions really help with lots of aspects of childrens development as well as helping with their self-confidence, co-ordination and is also a chance to be physically active. The children really enjoy these sessions and we also have boogie tots in to do a Christmas party session with the children. 

Term 6 2023

We have had a visit from Creepy Claws this term. Mike brought several animals for the children to learn about. They children sat and listened as Mike told them about the animals and then the children were allowed to touch the animals. The childen were very good at waiting for their turn and were very brave when touching the snake and the tarantula. All the children enjoyed the animals and it was lovely to see their confidence grow during the visit.




Term 3 2023

We have had a visit from Sammie who does Boogie tots. The children really enjoyed the dancing and action songs.  and also helps to build on their co-ordination and physical development. Sammie will be coming once a week to do a dance session with the children for the rest of the academic year . Below is the link for Boogie tots classes. Sammie runs classes in sittingbourne all year round.

Term 2 2022 - Dental Care

We had a lady from the childrens centre visit us to talk about keeping our teeth clean. The children enjoyed activities where they were brushing the big teeth to make them nice and clean and had lots of conversations about keeping our teeth clean. We have a list of local dentists which is displayed in the setting near the childrens trays. 







Visitors To The Setting