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Visitors To The Setting
Term 4

We have Little Music stars visiting the setting this term and we also welcome back Boogie tots for this term.

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Meet The SENCO



Meet Alison, she is the SENCO (special educational needs co ordinator) for the setting. Alison has great knoweldge and experience of additional needs and how best to support children in the setting. We are an inclusive setting we are not about making a child fit our setting, we are all about changing our setting and practices to suit the needs of all the children that attend even those children with additional needs. 

If you have concerns about your child for example speech delay, physical skills, behaviour or overall cognition then please come and talk to Alison or Miranda, they will be able to direct you to services that could help as well as monitoring in session so we can make the necessary referrals. 

Children who have an additional need tend to have other agencies involved to support you, the child and the setting, Alison will liase with these agencies and we often have them in the setting to offer guidance on what we can do to help. All children who have an addtional need even in the early stages will have their own personalised plan with targets different to those on their MUP (My unique Progress form) we will meet with you to disucss these targets and the interventions that we are putting in place and get your views and feedback. 

There are times where we spot concerns that maybe parents havent noticed, when this happens Alison will have a chat with you and talk about her findings , she will then be on hand to offer advice and support. Please dont be alarmed if we apporach you with concerns we are here to help and the majority of the time a little extra support is all that is needed to get the child right back to where they need to be. 

Behaviour is a big aspect of SEND if you feel that you are struggling at home then please come and chat to us and we can give you some stratergies to support. There are many agencies out there that you may not be aware of so always come and ask and we can point you in the right direction. 

Below you will find contact details and links to information about the health visiting service and local children's centers. These are great places to start, if you have concerns. We will always ask about last contact with health visitor as we need to know if any concerns were picked up during their 1 and 2 year checks. 

For more information please come and talk to Alison or Miranda we are here to help and want to ensure that each child gets the best possible start that they can. 

Childrens centers: 

Milton Court Children's Center: 

Location: Brewery Rd, Milton Regis, Sittingbourne ME10 2EET





St Mary's Childrens center: 

Address2 Orchard Pl, Faversham ME13 8AP

Phone0300 041 1033

Health visitors: 

Sittingbourne – 0300 123 4014

We support families with a new baby or a child aged under five-years-old. Working together with you and your family we can develop individual family health plans to help you with your family’s needs. We can provide advice and support on:

  • Growth, physical and emotional development and learning through play
  • Breastfeeding, introducing solid foods and healthy eating
  • Immunisations
  • Common infections, skin problems and minor illnesses in children
  • Challenges such as teething, temper tantrums, sleeping, eating and toilet training
  • Post-natal depression, bereavement and violence in the family
Meet The SENCO