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Visitors To The Setting
Term 4

We have Little Music stars visiting the setting this term and we also welcome back Boogie tots for this term.

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Dates & Events

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Please find below the term dates for 2023-2024  

Term 1:

 Monday 4th September 2023 - Friday 20th October 2023 

Half term: Monday 23rd October 2023 – Friday 27th October 2023

 Term 2:

 Monday 30th October 2023 –  Friday 15th December 2023

Christmas Nativity 6th Dec

Term 3: 

Thursday 4th January - Friday 9th February

Half Term: Monday 12th February - Friday 16th February

Term 4:

Monday 19th February - Wednesday 27th March

Half Term: Thursday 28th March - Friday 12th April

Term 5 : 

Monday 15th April - Friday 24th May

Half Term:Monday 27th May - Friday 31st May

Term 6:

Monday 3rd June - Monday 22nd July







Dates & Events