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Term 1

What a great start to term we have had, we have lots of new faces joining us and our older children have settled back in perfectly showing the new

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Star Word Of The Week

Star word of the week... 

After our letters and sounds training and our language for learning training that Kyra and Miranda are completing we have decided to add a star word of the week. Each week we will change the word and post it on here for you to continue to support learning at home.

In your new starters pack you will recieve a laminated card for you to keep at home, then each term we will send home a sheet of pictures relating to the ones we will be using in setting this way you can continue learning at home. ( we will post the star word of the week on the website to so please get into a habit of checking back in.)

Please click the link below which will take you to a video of how to pronounce letters of the alphabet phonetically, we do not say the letter name we say the letter sound.... 

Example video of how to pronounce phonics


Star word of the week for term 4-  2019 /2020:


Week 2 2nd March - 6th March: Book 

Week 3 9th March - 13th March - Exercise 

Week 4 16th March- 20th March - Weather 

Week 5 23rd March - 27th March - Safety 

Week 6 - 30th March -1st April  - Easter 



Each week we will place a new picture on the star words sheet this could link to our theme or a child's interest during that time. Each day we will then: 

  • Look at the word what does it say? 
  • Say the word, and use our phonics to spell it our e.g. Car C-A-R 
  • Clap to see how many syllables the words have 
  • Sound the initial sound and practice saying this C for CAR
  • Put the word into a sentence "The CAR went very fast"
  • Rhyme - What rhymes with car .....BAR (it can be made up silly words)
  • Talk about the word "so what is a car?"
  • Act - Can you act the word out?? 
  • Can you put the word into a song or a silly rap ?? 

Completing these skills helps the children to really explore a word and what its meaning is. It is also supporting phase one of the letters and sounds module that we work on during your child's time at Pre -School at the top we will update the word weekly so you can practice at home to. Dont forget to let us know how you get on. If you would like some further support or advice around letters and sounds then please ask. Keep a look out for our new Letters and sounds Partnership working packs in September. 


Star Word Of The Week