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Easter Bonnet Parade

Next Wednesday (3rd April 2019) is our Easter bonnet parade the children

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Teynham Pre-School Latest News

Teynham Pre-School Latest News
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Sugar And Healthy Packed Lunches 19.01.2017

Do you know how much sugar is in your children's food and drink ?? I think most of us would be quite shocked if we could see the sugar content of regular sweets, snacks, drinks and treats that you give your children. 

We are going to be creating a display in the corridoor, to show you exactly how much sugar is in some of the regular favorites. 

Maybe you could then support us in changing some of your lunch box favourites for more healthier options. 

Any questions then please talk to a member of staff who can give you some information on what you can provide for your children with less sugar content. 

Teynham Community Pre -School 


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