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Nativity And Christmas Bazaar

WOW, what a performance the children put on for us on Saturday, they were

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Teynham Pre-School Latest News

Teynham Pre-School Latest News
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Sponsored Assault Course 28.04.2016

There are letters in your children's trays about our upcoming sponsored assault course which we hold annually. The children are asked to collect sponserships from friends and family then come in to take part in the assault course. However much or little you raise will be a fantastic support to the setting. We are now fundraising to have a sail put up in the garden to help shade more of the garden meaning we can access it more frequently and for longer periods during the summer months. 

Please see our fundraising board for the plans we have had drawn up for what we would like to have developed in the garden. 

If your child does not attend a Tuesday or Wednesday am session on the 24th / 25th May then please talk to Kelly or Rachel who will be able to sort out a day for them to attend. (you will have to stay with them as it is during session time and we will be at maximum capacity)  


The Pre -School Team 

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