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Parent Story Time

Once a week we open our doors to parents/carers to come in and join us for Story Time, here

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Teynham Pre-School Latest News

Teynham Pre-School Latest News
Parent Story Time17/11/2017

Once a week we open our doors to parents/carers to come in and join us for Story Time, here are the rest of the dates for this term.

Thursday 23rd November 2.40pm

Monday 27th November 2.40pm

Friday 8th December 2.40pm

We look forward to seeing you there.

Children In Need17/11/2017

Thank you to all those who contributed towards Children in Need. We took £14.30 and have passed it on to the school to hand in with their donations.

Sittingbourne Rocks16/11/2017

Some of you maybe aware of a FaceBook page called Sittingbourne Rocks. It encourages you to decorate rocks and then hide them around the village. Some people then chose to post photos of the rocks they have found befor hiding them again. 

On Thursday 16th November we hid about 30 rocks that we had decorated with the children around the park. 

You may wish to join in the craze yourself and decorate some of your own, or simply go for a walk around the village and see if you can find some. 

For more information please talk to Kyra.

Please note we will not be posting photos of the children hiding the rocks on any FaceBook page as this is a parental choice. We just had fun making and hiding them.

Good Luck in Finding them.

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