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New Covid Update

Just a quick update to let you know that i have updated the COVID tab on

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Teynham Pre-School Latest News

Teynham Pre-School Latest News
New Covid Update 11.09.2020

Just a quick update to let you know that i have updated the COVID tab on the website please read it and make yourself familar with the process that we have to have in place. 


Many thanks 

Kelly Southern 

Octopus New Features And How To Guide 09.09.2020

Hi all, there have been some changes to octopus over the summer so i have produced a new guide for parents, please take the time to read it as it will ensure that you get the most from the portal and will keep you up to date on everything your child is doing, achieving and working on. 

If you need any support please ask me and we can support you in doing this :) 

We cant wait to share with you what the children have been doing and like wise we cant wait to see what you would like to share with us. 

The link below will take you to the page you will need to log in but to also view the new parent guide :) 



Welcome Back To A New Academic Year :)01.09.2020

A warm welcome back to all our returning families and to our new parents that attended the show around visits today. 

It was lovely to see you on your visits and we cant wait for you to come and play with us. 

Below is a photo of some of our staff under the balloon arch this morning :) 

Left to right - Kyra, Rachek, Sally, Louise, Claire 

We are making sure that we are keeping the setting covid secure, by cleaning high contact points regualary through the day, cleaning toys and resources as they are played with, and using the weekend to soak popular resources in cleaning solutions so they are clean for the next week. We are also have a cleaner at the end of every day to come and clean ready for the morning. If parents are on site we will ask you to wear a mask when indoors and sign our track and trace book so should we get a positive test we can contact people who we have come into contact with. 

Sadly with this it also means that we cannot have drop off and collection in the normal way to what we have done before, you will now be asked to enter through our side gate, follow the path around past the shed on the playground and wait at the bottom gates, the gates will be open from 8:50am - 9.20am so parents can do a gradual drop off. 

Collection will be from 2:30pm - 3pm again so parents can collect gradually and not have to all congregate at once. 

Lunch pick up will be 11:50am promplty so afternoon children can arrive from 12 pm 

Sadly we are having to cancel story time sessions this term we will monitor the covid updates and will then hopefully be able to introduce these later on in the year. We are also planning to make a decision after the october half term with regards to Christmas and the anuual activity this will be based on the latest government guidance at the time and the number of adults who can be present in the same room at one time. 

Please make sure that all children's items and belongings are named so we can easily relocate them with their righful owner. 

Dont forget if the weather is going to be hot, can you please apply suncream before the session, children all day will have it reapplied by staff at lunch time. 

Any change to contact details over the break then please let us know, should we have a case of covid or your child is showing signs of covid we will need to get in touch with you as soon as possible. 

If your child shows any signs of covid we will, ask you to collect and get them tested, they are to stay away from the setting until you recieve their result if it is negative then you are welcome to your child's next session. 

If older siblings are sent home to isolate please make sure that you also keep your pre school child off also, it is important that if someone from a family is asked to isolate that you do so as a family bubble. 

Any questions then please feel free to call the setting during our open hours, or text the mobile, now we are back open this will remain at work so will only be responded to during working hours. 

Landline: 01795 522004

Mobile (text only) : 07412948579

Kind regards 

The Pre - School ladies 

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